Name Change FAQ

Yes! We did it!  After planning for the name change for about 1.5 years, we finally switch our name from Kump Photography to Pavon Photography.  Although we have emotional attachment to Kump Photography, it is the time to move forward.  Many people are curious about the reasons.  Here are the answers!

Q: Why change?  We love Kump Photography!

Most clients know that Kump is David’s last name.  When they see Kump Photography, they think of David as a photographer who photographed (or going to photograph) their wedding.  For others who don’t know us, Kump means nothing to them.  It doesn’t sound anything special or anything related to weddings.

Q: Why Pavon Photography?

Doesn’t it sound good?  Our photography styles have evolved to look more classy and elegant in the past years.  The name should reflect our photography style too.  Pavon sounds more elegant, sophisticated, and female-attractive.  This doesn’t mean the groom-to-be is not important but most of the time brides are the one who plan their weddings.

Q: What does “Pavon” come from?

It is from David’s full last name!  Not many people knows that David legally shortened his last name to Kump.  “Pavon” was part of his last name.

Q: Is it going to affect our contracts?

Don’t worry, you can still use the old contract as Kump Photography.

Q: Do you change the location?

We have our home studio in Norton, MA.  This is the main place where you meet with us.

The process of our name changes took almost one and half since we decided.  We love our new name and hope you guys love it too!


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