Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia

Just did a 2-day track day with SBR Track Days at Sepang International Circuit.  Absolutely amazing track, some things felt so foreign and some things were similar.  Surprisingly, the track day was very well run and there was an emphasis on customer service.  After every session, I would pull up to the garages with my rental bike (Kawi ZX6R all stock), jump off and walk away.  There would be someone there ready to take my bike from me immediately, shut off the bike, pull it in the garage, refuel, check my tire’s condition, and pressures before my next session.  Their tire of choice there with all racers are Pirelli SuperCorsa SC2 front and rear.

What felt so foreign was the vast expanse of palm trees as you crest over the horizon, the huge grandstands, and the track day riders.  In Malaysia, mostly all the track riders are very rich and are some sort of royalty or CEO from Singapore and they have track prep bikes that they have stored at Sepang.  Out of the 75 that attended the 2-day, 1/3 were Ducati 1098 and 1199, mostly 1199s.  1/3 were BMW S1000RR or HP3 while the rest were 600cc, one motard, one ninja 250.

Was lucky we had 2 amazing days an no rain during monsoon season, as it rained the day before and the day after.  I didn’t get video because I didn’t have the proper mounts for my Contour Roam, but I was able to put down some good laps for my pace.

My experience with NHMS has helped me with the heavy braking and super tight corners, NJMP has helped me with 100mph+ knee down sweepers, and NYST has helped with late apexes.  I thought of Marco Simonchelli as early apexed turn 11, and Marquez as I almost got my elbow down in turn 3!  Sepang is an unbelievable place, unbelievable.

After my track day was over, there were all these race cars showing up, setting up shop with their umbrella girls and professional DJ thumping loud hip hop music, and bling bling cars.  I felt like I was walking through a scene from Fast and Furious!  RIP Paul Walker.

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