Travel Photos from Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is a unique place in Asia.  It is not only rich in cuture and tradition, the people are active in politics and Thai ideals are among the best in the world.  Thai people believe in being good, living happy and fulfilling lives, and have adopted a Bhuddist way of life.  While some countries require every male to join the army, Thai male goes through a period in their lives where they become a monk for a period of time.  They stripped of everything they have including shoes.  They wear a traditional, loosely worn, orange robe and carry around a pot.  This pot is what they use to carry anything given to them.  How it works is that they live and eat what is given to them from the generosity of strangers.  In exchange, monks give strangers wisdom.

I feel as though there is almost two sides to Thailand, the old and the new.  The old being the streets with old buildings and family owned business while the new being these huge, modern and expensive, upscale malls.  There is such a contrast.

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