Rock Climbing at Grampians, Australia

We spent most of our time in the Grampians at Halls Gap which is the southern part of Grampians.  We weren’t able to do too much as again, we realized that we needed a car to get around to most places.  Our main goal at the Grampians was to rock climb and we only did a few climbs and Jen took a huge fall on lead.  Before her big fall, while she was climbing something earlier that day, I was glancing around and noticed that someone was crawling down the trail.  At first, I dismissed it, then it processed in my head and I did a double take.  I yelled out to the young guy, “Hey man, you alright?”  He said he was fine and kept on crawling.  Then a few minutes later, his partner walks down the trail and I asked him about it.  He said he took a big lead fall and clipped his foot on a ledge in the fall, and broke his foot.  He said they had to leave a quickdraw (climbing gear) on the climb and I could have it.  I asked him where he was staying and I could get it for him.  He said, “We’re leaving now” as in, going straight to the emergency room and not coming back.  I was totally psyked in getting free gear!  So we quickly went over and I got the free gear.  Then I thought it was quite easy enough that Jen could lead up it too.  Those guys were just typical, overly macho and under experienced which lead to their unfortunate accident.  So then Jen got on it and half way up (not at the same spot that guy broke his foot), Jen comes flying off the rock.  I look up and see this huge, fist-full sized rock come flying at me.  Essentially, a piece of rock had broken off while Jen was holding on it.  She collected her emotions and finished the climb.  That was the most excitement we had in the Grampians.  We don’t have any photos of climbing because when one of us were climbing, the other one was belaying which required 100% attention.  We did get a photo of a huge, crazy bug that looks like a fish and has this crazy screech.  We also walked right up to a Kangaroo and was able to pet and feed him some kagaroo food given to us by one of the locals.  Soon after, we ended up hitch hiking to Arapiles.

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