Travel Photos from Sydney, Austrailia

The only two things we didn’t like is everything in Australia is expensive, and there is no free Wifi anywhere.  When we got to our youth hostel, we were told there was no Wifi, but we could find it free at the local library down the street.  So armed with my iPad, we walked ten minutes to downtown where we found what seemed to look like a library.  There was a girl sitting in a booth in front of the library.  So I asked her if it was the library.  She said, no.  I asked her what is this building and she said it was a stadium in Sydney and there was a concert.  I looked at her in surprise and asked her whose playing.  She said, “Bon Jovi.”  My heart skipped for a second, and I asked her, “When?” and she said, “Now!”  I quickly asked where the ticket office was and got in line.  When we got to the ticket counter, I asked what seats were available and the counter person said there weren’t many left, only $150 each, $250 each, and $400 each.  I looked at Jen for a second and asked her what she thought.  She thought for a minute then gave me the nod.  So I turned to the ticket person and said, “Ok, we’ll get two tickets at $150.”  The ticket person clicked a few buttons on her computer and said, “Sold out.”  I was heart broken.  I couldn’t believe Bon Jovi was right there and I wasn’t inside.  I ended up going to McDonalds next door and sat in depression while the walls thumped with muffling sounds of, “Living on a Prayer.”

When we got to Australia, we quickly realized how much Aussies love their deserts, sweets, licorish, fish & chips (fried fish & french fries), and donuts.  We learned that there is a huge Asian population in Australia because Asia is so close.  In order to fly into or out of Australia, there is almost always a connecting flight required through some part of Asia.  Therefore, we were able to find amazing dim sum and lots of genuine asian spices and sauces in most all supermarkets.

We went to some very cool spots and Bondi Beach was one of our favorites.  Graffiti is generally accepted in all of Australia and regarded as art where as it is eliminated in most of the US.  I had flashbacks from the early 90s where there used to be lots of graffiti in NYC and LA, but not so anymore.  So it was refreshing to see some really quality art work, all over random walls and buildings, free to the public to enjoy.  Bondi Beach is a very special place.  It almost seemed that mother nature herself took orders from a surfer to build the perfect location and environment for surfing.  I’m not much of a surfer at all so we enjoyed all the bohemian clothing shops and hip cafes alone the boardwalk.  The sunset at Bondi Beach is to die for!

Although we share the same english language, albeit a different accent, there are some things that are really different.  At the track at Phillip Island, what we call “tech inspection,” for when we bring our bikes to be checked and approved for racing, Aussies calls it, “scrutineering.”  What we call a “liquor store,” they call, “bottle shop.”  When we “rent” a car, the say, “hire” a car.  I don’t think they get it when they say, “Happy Christmas.”  When you ask them to do something they say, “Too easy,” as in it would be very easy to do it.  Boxing Day has nothing to do with boxing.  It’s exactly like our Black Friday with huge sales the day after Christmas.

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