More Travel Photos from Melbourne, Australia

These set of photos is from the first stop over we had in Melbourne, then we flew to Sydney, and took the train to the Blue Mountains, but then took the train back to Sydney, and flew back to Melbourne where we took the bus, to the Grampians, hitched hiked to Arapiles, then caught a ride back to Melbourne, where we flew back to Kuala Lumper, then back to Bangkok.  Sounds confusing?  Just know that these photos are from our first stop over in Melbourne. This visit was just before Christmas.

What has become popular is a chain of ice cream shops.  They’re known for using dry ice as a form as entertainment while making your ice cream.  It attracts lots of crowds.  It originated from Korea.

In the rest of the world, what we know as Burger King is known as Hungry Jack only in Australia.  When Burger King came to Australia, there was already a company called Burger King.  So not to infringe upon copyright protection, they named it Hungry Jack.  Though the original Burger King in Australia had folded long ago, Hungry Jack’s name stuck.

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