Travel Photos from Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a crazy place.  This is our second visit to Japan.  Last time we spent quite a while in Japan while taking the train across the entire country and visiting all the major cities.  This time we focused solely on Tokyo.  Upon arriving in the city, I forgot what an intense city Tokyo is.  They are intense people in every possible way especially with shopping, and food.  Yet with all the intensities, it has helped me learn a little more of who I am and what I want in life.  The strange part is that I feel as though most of all the shopping breaks up into two categories: women’s fashion, and food.  I enjoy looking at beautiful clothing on beautiful women to a certain extent but only passing.  I also enjoy food, but there is a stomach capacity limit that I must obey.  Yet, if both those factors had no weight, the major limiting factor to shopping and food is my personal finances.

We did find some cool and strange things in Tokyo.  Seems as though Cat Cafes are the new trend.  Since many people live in the city and pets are strictly prohibited due to health and sanitary concerns (Japanese people pride themselves on their cleanliness), most people are unable to own pets.  So Cat Cafes allow people to spend a few hours, unwind in a Cat Cafe.

What is no so strange is the shopping.  Shopping is just intense and in abundance in everyway in Japan.  Enjoy the photos!

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