Christina & Matthew Wedding by Pavon Photography

Christina and Matt are a very unique couple.  Matt had a weak heart and Christina has lots of heart.  The love they share is amazing and they cherish every moment they have with each other and has been there for each other through thick and thin.  Their wedding was at Lake Pearl Luciano’s and photographing them was really fun!  We had some rainy weather for photos but we were able to grab a few when the clouds held off for minute.  It was an honor and pleasure to be able to photography their wedding day!

PavonPhoto02 PavonPhoto03 PavonPhoto04 PavonPhoto05 PavonPhoto08 PavonPhoto09 PavonPhoto10 PavonPhoto11PavonPhoto01PavonPhoto12 PavonPhoto13 PavonPhoto14 PavonPhoto15PavonPhoto06

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